Piyush Goyal

Culture @spaceengineering is the best one could seek for. I started here as a fresher and honestly my experience has been the best one. Being a fresher the first company you work in is the one to be impactful for your entire career. You tend to judge each company according to the first one. Thank you for teaching me so much.

Ashutosh Mishra

In terms of growth, the company is achieving great heights. I really like my co-mates and everything here. One should surely be a part of such an organization.Wonderful Team. Thanks for the quality work and efforts. Appreciate it. Great place to work, also my seniors helped me with a lovely and an unforgettable experience. Thank you!

Puja Singh

The company is extremely supportive and quality centric. I have been working with them since past two months and is extremely delighted to be a apart of an organization. Space Engineering has been one of the top contributers in engineering background for all the customers ranging from job seekers to freshers keen to learning.

Joe Thomas

Excellent detailing in designs. Well organised staff with updated technology based software & tools to achieve focused results. Every tool and tech use is high end and employees handling are even more professionals so working with them was great little issue in co-ordination. Great team and very nice working environment.

Shikha Mishra

They are believing in quality not quantity. They are always ready to satisfy their clients as well their employees. An employee centric company.Amazing experience, well behaved gatekeeper to well mannered and awesome people.Staff is very polite and supportive. Management is very good. Highly Recommended Company.

Arun Kumar

My work place and a awesome company but for visitors don't forget to bring your one id proof with you due to High security. Interview process is good and decent salary is offered.Very beautiful campus and working environment.One of the best service providers. Extremely good for job seekers and keen learners.

Sai Venu Gopal

Absolutely satisfied with the good services of the company . They have their products and services best suited for the customer.It’s a good company to work. They have clients in USA and have recently collaborated with few more from Canada. They are technical service provider for engineering sectors. Well mannered Company.


It was overall a nice experience. The team seems to be very co-operative. They train you really well which ultimately helps in future career growth.Awesome place to work if you are in learning phase. Parking facilities are available. You can come and visit on prior permission. Environment friendly with full greenery around.

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